Air And Drain Traps TLV

Air Traps , Auto Drain

Benefits and Features

Uses a precision-grounded float to automatically discharge condensate generated or entrained in compressed air.
The drain trap series employs a precision-grounded float and three-point seating for the valve body that supports the float securely at three points and ensures a high degree of sealing when even only minute quantities of condensate are present.


Can handle low specific gravity liquids (some models can handle up to 0.5).

Application areasApplication Areas

Below are some common applications and the air and drain trap types that are often used with each application.

Air Pipeline Pipe-ends
– Free float air traps
– Free float drain traps
Air Pipeline Pipe-ends (High Viscosity Condensate)
– Air traps for high viscosity condensate

The different types of traps can also be used in numerous other types of applications, in addition to those mentioned above. Contact your TLV sales representative for details.

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